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Our top best real time strategy games starts with a well-known series, the events of which go on historical eras. In general, this game is a hybrid of both RTS with dynamic battles and economic strategy. Having seen the production chains, we can decide that we have the deal with a game like The Settlers and Anno series. But the developers from FireFly studios skillfully combined both genres, which earned popular love.

This series of games also has newer, more technological and beautiful releases. However, the authors did not manage to fully recreate the original gameplay in the following parts. In this regard, it is the original Stronghold and the Crusader add-on that are recommended for review and deserve a place in any top of best real time strategy games.

The peaceful part of the game is a combination of mining various resources. For this, workers living in buildings corresponding to their profession are used. The level of detail of the process is such that you can see the loading of the stone to be sent to your castle. Or admire how your hunter pulls a bowstring, looking for a deer. All this, as well as an impressive study of the graphics – even down to trees bending in the wind, impressed players from all over the world.

Rise of nations strategy

Rise of nations is another time-tested hybrid, giving odds to new representatives of the real time strategy games genre. This time, the formula of the long-suffering Age of Empires was combined already with the very “Civilization”. It is noteworthy that, as if not paying attention to ardent borrowing, the publisher of the game is Microsoft Corporation itself. What distinguishes Rise of Nations from other real-time strategies is the presence of elements of globality. It is concluded in the presence of a world map and planning for the development of one’s own country through cities.

Cities move borders, and all resources located in their radius are expected to fall to the first one to get to them. In addition, the setting of the game, as in Civilization, is not limited to one era. This allows you to fight as archers and cavalry, and ride a march through enemy territories with a tank fist.

The player has 16 nations to choose from, and another 6 brought the only addition that came out later. The gameplay, like the picture as a whole, even in 2019, can please any connoisseur of the real time strategy games genre. So if for some reason you missed this project, then you should put it on the list for review.


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