To be a game developer, you need to love the games and understand them. You need to find pleasure in analyzing the game, breaking the game down into the smallest parts and understanding how these parts form the whole.

Any project begins with an IDEA. And in the gaming business, the ingenious idea and imagination of the game designer are the determining factor. The game designer not only generates some ideas and various features but also thoroughly thinks out ways to implement them, taking into account the interests of the target audience. The game designer forms the idea of ​​the game into a concept, making up the primary concept document, which clearly sets out a brief description of the gameplay and game features.

Specialists create a design document with reference to the concept document. At the same stage, the issue of financing the project is being decided. During the development of the game, the game developer controls the work of the team so that the technical specifications correspond to the main idea of ​​the game. The design document in the process is depending on the proposals of the developers. The game designer is also actively involved in testing the game.

Requirements for the game development

In the modern world, the development of computer games is a well-established stage-by-stage process. There are two types of companies in the gaming business: developer and publisher. It often happens that the developer and the publisher are the same. Also, this benefits the game’s development process. The developer will not have to convince the publisher of the viability of the investment.

To create a high-quality modern computer game requires more than one year of hard work. Therefore, several production teams are working on creating games at the same time, each of which carries out work in its own sphere. In creating a computer game, in addition to the programmer, representatives of other professions also participate. The programmer is the centerpiece of the whole development.

A game developer can start his career in amateur projects or as a tester. When hiring a candidate for the position of game designer, they solve a test assignment unique to each studio. As a rule, specialists remain this part of the work in the future. The assignment is given a few days. After successful completion of the task, the candidate either passes an interview or performs an additional test task.

It is desirable for a game developer to have a higher education – technical in the field of programming. Game designers with additional useful skills are in high demand in the labor market – drawing, knowledge of programming languages ​​and scripting languages, 3D modeling.



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